Love Film Free Trial

10 years ago you’d of had to of broken into a Virgin Megastore and risked subsequent jail-time to get access to something like this. Want, like, a gazillion films and TV shows? For free!? We got’s ya back, with the I love Film Free Trial.

In just a couple of minutes, you could be;

Crying with laughter at a bacheller party gone very, very wrong.

Suddenly realising you’ve just lost, like, 3 days straight to Desperate Housewives,

Watching one of the greatest action films of all time.

The lovefilm 30 day free trial is just that – free – and gives you access to LoveFilms huge library of top movies and TV shows.

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Lovefilm 60 day trial

Lovefilm occasionally do an extended 60 day free trail. Keep an eye on this space for a Lovefilm 60 day free trail!!

Lovefilm 3 month trial

Looking for a Lovefilm code that’ll grant a 3 month lovefilm trial? Keep your eye on this space – as soon as Lovefilm make a 90 day trial available, it’ll be here!!